Family has always been at the heart,
but we’ve grown to be so much more…


We are proud to say that we are of the commitment type.

  Committed to providing our customers with the very best of chemical products.

  Committed to being a family friendly company, inside and out.

  Committed to be in the forefront of chemical innovation.

And just like our chemicals, the bonds here run deep.

Starting our journey in late 2003 on the humble grounds of Gazipur, Bangladesh, we now manufacture and supply 40+ products ranging from household care to textile chemicals to over 20 countries.
We are also passionate about the process of innovation and manufacture many first in the chemical industries.

What sparked our interest to start a chemical industry? The answer is simple.

We noticed that our country's chemical sector was extremely poorly developed. Other than few multinationals and local companies producing paints, household cleaners, toiletries and some basic chemicals major development in the chemical industry in Bangladesh was basically absent.
It is a widely known fact that the economic backbone of many developed countries is a strong chemical industry.

What Chemtrek did about it?

Almost 97% of Bangladesh’s total requirements of raw materials are imported in both Industrial and Consumer sectors meaning the basic chemical manufacturing sector had always been neglected. We started small. The basic need to write is universal, and even though Bangladesh’s independence was cemented by the Bengali language, so we worked on a formula with our western world ideas and eastern world needs to become the first manufacturer of ballpoint ink in the whole of Bangladesh.

And now?

After 5 years, Chemtrek felt the need to expand their business to consumer sector and hence branched out its consumer products manufacturing wing. The motivation is definitely to capture a sizeable share of the Household, Body Care and Beauty consumer market, currently enjoyed by few multinationals and even fewer local companies.