We are confident that a career at CIBL isn’t just a stop on your resume. You will experience a solid career path with one of the most successful companies in the country. There has never been a better time to see what a CIBL can mean to you with our aggressive expansion plan set in motion! Every house needs a strong foundation. That is what Chemtrek Industries focuses on.

Management Succession & Development

The company has a formal process for planning, tracking and managing career paths. This is both for the benefit of individuals and to ensure that CHEMTREK is always ready with great talent to fill open positions.Each year, employees go through a formal process to outline their short- and long-term career goals. Succession discussions occur to evaluate an employee’s capabilities and accomplishments and to determine the organizational need. At the end of the process, employees receive feedback regarding their career plan and whether it is aligned with the company’s perspective. Employees are given clear direction on what needs to be done to achieve the next step in their career plans.

Room to Grow: Real Responsibility on the Job

A key point of difference at CHEMTREK is that while other companies may require new employees to “watch and learn” for extended periods, we assign real responsibilities right away. This ensure that you as a person can grow and develop your skills at an accelerated rate!

Career Mobility

Our culture rewards people for developing their skills and delivering results. A high percentage of CHEMTREK jobs are filled internally, and there are opportunities for job rotations across departments and geographies.

We are constantly hiring in all our departments. Whether you are a business, art, or science background; we have a spot for you!

Available Positions in Bangladesh

The finance department of a business takes responsibility for organizing the financial and accounting affairs including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, and the provision of financial information for managers. The main areas covered by the financial department include:

  • Technical Skills
  • Book keeping procedures
  • Balance sheet and profit and loss account
  • Providing management information
  • Management of wages
  • Raising of finance
  • Banking

Integrate an organization’s goals, strengths, channels of distribution, competitive environment, target markets, pricing, core messages, and products into one cohesive document known as the Marketing Strategy. As part of the strategy, the Marketing Department should also develop the list of tactical ideas such as direct mail, print advertising, and search engine optimization that will enable the organization to communicate its message to customers and prospects. With a strategy and tactical ideas in hand, the Marketing Department is now ready to take on the responsibility of executing the programs and initiatives to drive sales and revenue for the organization.

Technical Skills

  1. Focus on the Customer
  2. Monitor the Competition
  3. Own the Brand
  4. Find and direct Outside Vendors
  5. Create New Ideas, Communicate Internally, Manage a Budget
  6. Set the Strategy, Plan the Attack, and Execute

Human resources staff handles many of the matters pertaining to the employees of a company, such as recruiting and benefits management, they also work with management to help develop long-term strategies for the growth and development of a company.

Technical Skills

  1. Hiring
  2. Compensation
  3. Employee Relations and Performance

Responsible for innovations in design, products, and style. This department is responsible for creating innovative new products to keep us a step ahead of the competition

Technical Skills

  1. Create Innovative Products
  2. Research on New Methods to improve current products
  3. Maintain Manufacturing Deadlines
  4. Maintain close ties with engineers, chemists, and other product specialists.

CHEMTREK INDUSTRIES general Internship Program is designed to provide students with practical work assignments that will enhance their academic training. The program gives the company the opportunity to train and develop students who are preparing for a professional career after graduation. At the same time, the company will benefit from the work done by the student. CHEMTREK INDUSTRIES provide work assignments of increasing challenge and responsibility appropriate to the student’s abilities and academic focus. Assignments and projects will vary and allow the student to develop themselves technically, broaden their academic background and explore career interests. Candidates must be enrolled as full-time students at an accredited college or university. The internship or co-op should be related to his/her field of study.
Students selected to be considered will be interviewed in order for the company to determine the best fit. These interviews may occur during an on-campus recruiting event, phone calls or in-person interviews at CHEMTREK HEADQUARTERS

At Chemtrek Industries. You have space to grow within the company. The possibilities are endless!