We are joint ventured with Fiebings USA, bringing household names such as Kelly’s to the Bangladesh market. We are the only company in Bangladesh with the largest range of products with the goal to provide total household cleaning products for the consumer market. When it comes down to it, we’re here to make products that work, for you and for the planet, ones that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the nose. It’s a tall order but don’t want it any other way. We have a large network of distributors and retailers under our umbrella. Our products have received rave reviews and have been featured in the Dhaka International Trade Fair. Visit your local supermarket to pick up one of our products. We guarantee you satisfaction.

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Our brand Turbo was created by our in house team. Over the past few years we have gained a good market share due to the quality of our product. Similar to our Kelly’s Range, Turbo was created for your tougher cleaning needs including a fabulous toilet cleaner and a industrial strength pipe cleaner. We guarantee there is no product better than ours in the market. Even though it is a stronger formula, we don’t compromise on keeping it eco-friendly. Our challenge is to make sure that every product we send out into the world is a little agent of environmental change, using safe and sustainable materials and manufactured responsibly. Little green soldiers in the battle of doing-well-by-doing-good, if you will. This is why we make our bottles from 100% recycled plastic, why we constantly seek to reduce the carbon emitted by our business (and why we offset the remainder), why we never test on animals, why we design innovative products using natural, renewable ingredients, and why we’re transparent about the ingredients we use, how we make our products, and what our track record is as a green business.

His and Her is an edgy, sexy, unique new brand that is catered towards the person who wants to be different from the rest. The person who wants to have their own style, doesnt want to be mainstream. The leader who sets the fashion trend in their society. His and Her encompasses the passion and the soul of the wanderer who changes the industry. Within this range we not only produce a wonderful shower wash for both genders but also a shampoo and conditioner. We have also worked with some of the best chemical formula creators to be able to manufacture a brand new Anti-Dandruff Shampoo that is guaranteed to work! Become the Icon that your friends talk about. Be the trendsetter that everyone notices. Become the prominent figure of your own society. Take your style to the next level.