Board of Directors

Husna Mansur


Husna Mansur came to Bangladesh with one goal in mind. She had wanted to give back to the country she was birthed in. Having a background as a chemist for 20 years in the United States, Mrs. Mansur used her skills and resources to give birth to Chemtrek Industries which in turn started a new era for chemical manufacturing in Bangladesh! Starting with only Ball Pen Ink, Mrs. Mansur has added well over 40+ products into the product lineup! Mrs. Mansur is now known as one of the most well-renowned award winning female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Ainul Azim

Managing Director

Colonel Md. Ainul Azim shared the same vision that Chemtrek was founded on. Having served in the Bangladesh military and receiving many acclamations, Mr. Azim decided to use his experience to manage and direct Chemtrek Industries. He spearheaded the Cationic Softener plant, creating a game changer for the chemical Industry in South Asia. On his free time, Ainul is a very keen golfer and spends his leisure time playing with the top players!

Abul Mansur

Vice Chairman

Abul Mansur also shared the same vision as his wife Husna Mansur. He wanted to do something positive for his country! With 40+ years of experience as a Chemist in the United States. Mr. Mansur trained and managed the R&D team to create breakthroughs in product development. He owns various patents and co-speared the Cationic Softener plant which became an industry game changer in South Asia!

Faisal Mansur

Director and CEO

Faisal Mansur joined early 2011 to overlook Chemtrek Consumers. With his education attained from the United States and having a history in Sales, IT, Marketing, and Design. Mr. Mansur used his experience to bring Chemtrek into the digital era. On his free time, Faisal likes to travel and play various sports. He enjoys learning about different cultures and tries to incorporate their ethics into his work!

Riasat Azim


Riasat opened the Source Trek business in 2013 and since then has been on a roll in producing athletic wear for various brands. He has knack for fitness and understands the needs and wants of an athlete when it comes to their apparel

Our Office

Promod Dutta

Executive Director

Promod Dutta Is an expert in his field. Leading our commercial department, Promod brings in decades of experience. Mr. Dutta loves to perform a variety of Tagor Songs during his free time. He has been featured all over Bengali channels and has released a few albums under his name.

Tanvir Rahman

General Manager, HR

Tanvir Rahman has been with Chemtrek since 2010. Working his way up to General Manager with hard work. Tanvir considers himself a sports freak. He enjoys watching all kind of sports. On his free time he loves to go hiking when he gets times to travel.

A.J.M Tayer Sakib

Manager, Consumer

Sakib is one of Chemtrek’s oldest employees. He has shifted department to department and found niche in the consumers sector On his free time, he enjoys partaking in a game of cricket and researches destinations for travel.

A.Z. Tonmoy

Manager, IT

Tonmoy considers himself a motorhead as well as a gear freak since he loves cars and motorcycles. When he is not at work – he is always dreaming about creating a perfect ride. Tonmoy has a wide variety of interests, but none more than bikes.