For road construction, we all want to reduce costs and increase quality! We have the magic product that does exactly that!

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Quick Overview


It is a modifier for Bitumen. It contains Polymers, Waxes and adhesives. Polymers regulate elasticity, hardness, viscosity. Waxes regulate viscosity, hardness, softening point. Adhesives improve interaction between the  aggregates and the bitumen. It allows you to avoid draining of bitumen from the aggregates.


It is modifier of the asphalt – a preparation of the wax in pellet form containing fibres as carrier to allow direct mixing in the asphalt. It contains CCBit113AD wax at 20%, 60% and 80% dosage for specific works.


CCBit113 AD reduces the viscousity of the bitumen for warm asphalt mixes, improves the adhesion behaviour at critical minerals, increases R&B temperature and pen hardness to avoid the formation of tracks and is used for all types of rolled asphalt and mastic asphalt and CCBit113 AD is storage stable and is not hazardous to health

Processes where our products were in use